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Apple lottery

November 17 - December 1, make 30+ EUR deposits to get tickets for lotteries where you can win Apple Inc. devices, and wait for the draw!How about a hunt for Apple Inc devices, each of which is a little treasure by itself, polished and precious as a bar of gold? Just make 30+ EUR deposits to get lottery tickets and wait for the draw! The more tickets the more chances!

Lottery is finished


Tickets sold

Lottery tickets

The price of a lottery ticket depends on the amount of deposit

30 EUR

Minimum deposit

The price for tickets is 30 EUR



Lottery prizes

The lottery offers a chance to win big with 100 tickets up for grabs, each with one of five different types of prizes.

iPhone 15 Pro 128 GB

1 prize

Apple Watch Ultra

1 prize

AirPods Max

1 prize

How it works

Check the schedule

You can get lottery tickets as a bonus on your deposits during the promo!

Increase chances

The more you deposit, the more tickets you can get! See your tickets

Good luck!

Get ready for the draw on Nov 24, 2023, 02:59 PM

  • Schedule: Three lotteries during 17.11.2023 – 01.12.2023:
    1. 17.11.2023 (15:00 UTC) - 24.11.2023 (14:59 UTC)
    2. 24.11.2023 (15:00 UTC) - 01.12.2023 (14:59 UTC)
  • Each draw is scheduled on the last day of each week.
  • You can get a ticket each time you are making a 30+ EUR deposit or the equivalent.
  • The number of tickets you can have is unlimited. You need to confirm acquiring the ticket while you're making the deposit. Otherwise, you just make a deposit and will not become a participant. The winner gets the prize for each of his winning tickets.
  • Prizes pool for each lottery:
    1. iPhone 14 Pro, 128 GB (1,300 EUR) for 1 winner.
    2. Apple Watch Ultra (1,000 EUR) for 1 winner.
    3. AirPods Max (630 EUR) for 1 winner.
    4. 100 EUR for 10 winners.
    5. 50 EUR for 20 winners.
    6. 30 EUR for 20 winners.
  • Device prizes have no wagering requirement. Money prizes have to be wagered 3x.
  • By agreement of the parties or due to the inability to provide the prize within a reasonable time, the casino reserves the right to pay out the prize for winning a device as a currency amount equal to the price of the device.
  • If the winner of a device prize does not get in touch within 1 month (ignores the messages from the Slot Hunter administration), the prize becomes null.

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